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Investigating the benefits of worked examples in a constraint-based tutor

Antonija Mitrovic
Wednesday, 11 March, 2015 - 10:00
Erskine 315

Learning from worked examples (WE) has been shown to be beneficial for novices. In this talk I will present three studies we have conducted in the context of SQL-Tutor, a constraint based system. The first study showed that interleaving WE with supported problem solving is an optimal choice compared to using either of those two types of learning in isolation. In the second study, we added an adaptive strategy for selecting WE or problems to be given to the learner, which proved to be superior to the fixed sequence of examples/problems. The third study investigated how students with different levels of knowledge process WEs. Our goal was to identify meaningful differences in example processing that can be used to provide adaptive hints to the learner. We analysed eye gaze data collected from a quasi experiment, and found a significant difference in the amount of attention students paid to database schemas.

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