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Exploring concept tagging in Moodle: Myse Elmadani presents at the CSSE Summer Research Showcase

Myse Elmadani presenting her research at the CSSE Summer Research ShowcaseOn Monday, Myse Elmadani presented her ICTG summer project, "Exploring Concept Tagging in Moodle", at the 2009-10 CSSE Summer Research Showcase. This project is part of a bigger ICTG project, intended to extend Moodle using research conducted at ICTG. In this part of the project, Myse developed a Moodle plug-in where teachers can create a list of concept tags (either manually or by importing them from their glossary) to tag each resource or activity. This adds a certain amount of domain knowledge to the system, enabling students to easily find resources relating to a particular concept.

Prof. Benedict du Boulay to spend semester at ICTG

Prof. Benedict du Boulay at the University of CanterburyThe ICTG welcomes Prof. Benedict du Boulay, who recently arrived in Christchurch as a guest of ICTG, to spend the first semester of 2010 at the Computer Science & Software Engineering Dept (University of Canterbury). Ben is a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the School of Science and Technology at the University of Sussex, UK, with particular research interests in Artificial Intelligence in Education and the Psychology of Programming.

Promotions for 2009 announced

The promotions at UC were announced today. Congratulations to Dr. Brent Martin who was promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer over the bar.

Tanja Mitrovic takes up Head of Dept position

Professor Tanja Mitrovic will be taking up the position of the Head of the Computer Science and Sofware Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury on 1 December 2009.

We wish her the best of luck in her new role.

Congratulations Tanja!

ICTG runs a full day tutorial

Members of the ICTG (Tanja Mitrovic, Moffat Mathews, and Jay Holland) will be running a full day tutorial at the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

ICTG visits Montreal

Seven members of ICTG recently attended the Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2008 conference in Montréal, Canada.

Tanja Mitrovic, Brent Martin, Moffat Mathews, Kon Zakharov, Nancy Milik, and Devon Barrow presented eight papers from the group.

New ICTG website!

ICTG has a new website - with an easier domain address ... right here!


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