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Christchurch earthquake

A 6.3M (MM VIII, depth 5km) earthquake struck the Christchurch region on 22 February 2011. The earthquake struck the city hard causing multiple fatalities (currently at 155 and increasing) and widespread damage (to buildings and the main infrastructure). Aftershocks are still continuing as rescue teams from NZ and around the world continue to work amidst the rubble. Essential services (including power, water, sewerage) are being slowly restored. The city is in a state of emergency. You can keep up to date at

Everyone at ICTG has been accounted for and we are keeping safe.

In light of this catastrophic event, the AIED 2011 organising committee is currently re-assessing its options. As decisions are made, we will post them to the AIED 2011 website and to various groups and mailing lists. We understand that this lack of certainty at this time is causing incovenience for everyone involved in AIED 2011 and ask that you please bear with us during these difficult times.

In the meantime, please consider helping out in this huge effort in Christchurch. The Red Cross has launched an appeal at The NZ Government has also launched an appeal at

On YouTube: Phil Keoghan ("Amazing Race" host) visits Christchurch

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