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UK PhD student to work on motivational states in SQL-Tutor

Alison HullA Doctorate student from England visited ICTG for two weeks in May 2010. Alison Hull is a PhD student in the Human-Centred Computing Technology research group within the School of Informatics, University of Sussex, UK. The current visiting Erskine Fellow, Prof. Benedict du Boulay, is her primary supervisor.

Alison's project is concerned with using previous learning experiences and previous motivational states of a learner using an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) in order to encourage them to develop their metacognitive skills and maintain/increase their motivational state via domain, motivational and metacognitive feedback.

The base ITS that Alison is using for her project is ICTG's SQL-Tutor. Learning more about SQL-Tutor was one aim of Alison's visit, as well as meeting the members of ICTG and learning about the research that we are undertaking. Alison presented an overview of her work in the ICTG weekly seminar on Friday, 14th May, in a talk entitled "Scaffolding Motivation and Metacognition in Learning Programming".

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