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Seminar: Detecting gaming behaviour in constraint-based tutors

When: 3:10pm, Friday 18 June 2010
Where: Lecture room 031, Erskine bldg, University of Canterbury

Professor Tanja Mitrovic will be presenting a seminar this Friday titled "Detecting gaming behaviour in constraint-based tutors".
Although Intelligent Tutoring Systems have been used successfully in classrooms in a variety of domains, some students do not use the system (and thus learn the domain) as intended by the system designers. Instead, they simply try to get the solution from the system (without going through the learning process as intended) by learning and using various properties (and behaviours) of the system itself, i.e. they game the system.
In this seminar, Tanja will be presenting research regarding gaming behaviour in Constraint-based systems.

More info can be found on the ICTG seminar page.

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