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Our Changing World programme features the ICTG Stroke Rehab project

The ICTG Stroke Cognitive Rehabilitation project is being featured on Radio New Zealand's Our Changing World programme tomorrow Thursday 6 November. Presenter Ruth Beran recently met up with Tanja Mitrovic, Moffat Mathews, Jay Holland, and a recent participant from the study Kris Wilson to talk about the current study that looks into cognitive treatment to improve prospective memory for people who have suffered a stroke. The write-up and audio (>13 mins) can be accessed from the Radio New Zealand website here.

Intelligent System for children with ADHD features on Voice of America (Persian)

Ph.D. candidate Atefeh Ahmadi Olounabadi recently featured on the Voice of America's (Persian) Street Life programme, a weekly magazine which examines social and cultural issues. Atefeh has been working on an intelligent system that teaches young children who have ADHD social problem solving skills. Recent studies conducted in Iran with the system developed have shown promising significant results. The segment can be heard from 9:37 on this YouTube clip (in Persian).

PhD student develops computer game to help kids

A University of Canterbury PhD student has developed a computer game that enables children to improve their social skills. The results of the study have shown that her system is effective both with children who only have social problems and also those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Atefeh Ahmadi Olounabadi, who has been supervised on campus by professors Tanja Mitrovic and Julia Rucklidge, says children with ADHD are not able to learn the same as other children. Sitting in classrooms and listening to the teacher is challenging for them, she says.

Amir Shareghi passes his PhD Oral Examination

Congratulations to Amir Shareghi who passed his Ph.D. oral examination today. His supervisors are Tanja Mitrovic, Kourosh Neshatian, and Bruce McLaren.

Best student paper award

Congratulations to Amir Shareghi Najar, Tanja Mitrovic and Bruce M. McLaren for winning the James Chen Best Student Paper Award at UMAP2014 for their paper "Adaptive support versus alternating worked examples and tutored problems: Which leads to better learning?"

Participants needed for Memory rehab after stroke

The ICTG Stroke Cognitive Rehabilitation project is now up to the evaluation study with people who have suffered a stroke. The study looks into rehabilitating prospective memory. Prospective memory is remembering future events such as an appointment with the doctor next Tuesday at 2pm or remembering to turn off the stove after the food is cooked.

Anthony Bracegirdle presenting at the UC Research Scholarship Day

Over the summer, UC Summer Scholarship winner Anthony Bracegirdle has been working on "Investing the usability of the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra devices for cognitive training". His work forms a part of the larger ICTG Stroke Rehabilitation project. Anthony was awarded the UC Summer Scholarship last year, which gives students an opportunity to work on new and exciting research projects at UC.

Scott Ogden presentation

Scott Ogden is presenting work from his summer project: "Creating and evaluating a model for a user in a rehabilitative virtual-reality environment". Over the summer, Scott has been working on part of ICTG's larger Stroke Rehabilitation project, as part of his COSC486 Research Project course.

CFP – RPTEL Special Issue on AIED/ITS and Adaptive Learning

Papers presenting original contributions pertinent to ITS/AIED systems are sought for a special issue of the journal on Research and Practice in Technology-Enhanced Learning (RPTEL). We solicit papers that address theoretical issues relevant to ITS/AIED systems, case studies, and present evaluation of new methodologies. The papers should present new techniques or approaches to developing, using and evaluating ITS/AIED systems, clearly indicating the original aspects of the reported projects.

CFP – RPTEL Special Issue on AIED/ITS and Adaptive Learning (PDF)

Bracegirdle wins summer scholarship with ICTG

Bracegirdle wins summer scholarshipStudent Anthony Bracegirdle has won a summer scholarship to work with ICTG. Anthony will be working with the Stroke Rehabilitation team, exploring different methods for interacting with the computer-based treatment environment. The UC research team, which received $830,000 of Marsden funds to help stroke survivors, includes Professor Mitrovic, Dr Moffat Mathews, research fellow Jay Holland, psychologists Dr Audrey McKinley (Monash) and Professor Stellan Ohlsson (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Read more at UC news


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